Brown-Red water leaking

Hi, I’m 36+6 weeks right now. Woke up in the morning with brown discharge on my pantyliner. Quite a lot. Went to KKH and doctor said I’m not dilated yet. But might be infection cos I had white discharge when they checked, and my cervix wall is sore during to pregnancy hormones which they said is normal? And she said I do have bleeding inside. But everything is alright. I was allowed to go home but was told to come back if I had more bleeding or water bag burst, or contractions or less baby movements. Reached home and felt like urine came out..... checked and it’s brownish watery discharge. In half an hour, I changed 3 pantyliner cos all 3 soaking wet. Now I felt water coming out again but this time it’s faint red but super watery. And it keeps coming out. Baby is moving though and no contractions. What do I do?

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Call the hospital (delivery suite) and let them know what happened. They will advice you on what to do.