At week 28 now. Since wednesday, i discover blood on my discharge. Especially in the morning when i wake up to pee. Had went to KK, and they discharge me on same day. Says baby heartbeat normal, no contractions. Doctor checked and say looks clean but took a sample and will update me result in 3 days. The doctor sees me less than 10mins and left. I asked one of the nurse, she is pregnant as well. If its normal.. And she say yes. Sometimes on and off bleed is normal.. I can just ignore. Unless the blood colour changes to fresh red and keep bleeding then i need to come back. Again i asked her, if it's okay to carry heavy loads etc.. She say its okay. It will not cause any bleeding most backache only. This is my first pregnancy and after the visit at Kk, i felt even more unsure about pregnancy. The blood colour on my discharge, its usually brownish pink.. Or pinkish red. Anyone encounter such during pregnancy? I jusr need some reassurance that its normal.

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I would opt to seek a second opinion to be on the safe side cos no matter what colour the dischage is, different people different outcome. Since it is your first pregnancy, go for a second opinion for a piece of mind.

6y ago

it will be good if you can check with the doctor with regards to the bleeding. Seek second opinion otherwise if the bleeding does not stop.