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Do u watch horror movies when pregnant? Cn we?

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I watched the Thrill channel on Starhub TV throughout my whole pregnancy, played the horror game Granny at 2am while my husband is asleep beside me. I was watching this Asia horror drama on HBO while in the delivery suite the whole night (I don’t have contraction pains) and the nurses and docs who came in were shocked and said AIYO please don’t watch these kind of shows!

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Not really

Me 4 month preg still watch horror. That is the only genre that i like hahhahha

I watched and all is well. I guess its up to individual at your own risk

Depend on individual

Super Mum

Not advisable.

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Didn't watch horror movie but i watched action packed one though.

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I was told not to so I didn't watch

I finished 6 seasons of a supernatural series with gore and mature themes on Netflix. No probs with my pregnancy so far.