Wat age u let ur child sleep on their own room?,

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Slightly over 4 yo with siblings. Not alone

i was 4 yo when my mom n dad busy working outstation. so my parent rarely at home. their end up hiring nanny to babysit me and my lil bro( 1yo) at that time.

My kids are aged 2 and 4. They have been sleeping on their own (in the same room) since a year ago. Keeps our sanity in check!

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#5 is a gd age.

About 5 and she sleeps with her younger sister. I canmot bear she sleeps alone

age of 8 years old, much safe, i wont be that worried coz he knows what to do and he understand what we told him with his do not do and do thing.

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I'd say when my son voices out that he wants his own room! We co-sleep since birth and he's 26mo now but I have no intention of stopping until he doesn't want to anymore :)

i don't intend to ask my kids to sleep on their own. I'll let them asleep with me as long as they want.

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Right now my helper sleeps in the room with my baby. But from 24 months I plan to let her sleep by herself.

i feel that age 5 is a good age. They are big and aware of the surrounding, and semi independent top