Do you want to be a SAHM OR working mum ? why?

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im a working mum with flexi hours while my children goes to ifc / cc. being a working mum helps my sanity that im not 24/7 only dealing with kiddos and i feel like im still connected to society while working. i dont want to hire helper so the flexi hours help a lot.

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Am a work-from-home mum and loving this life so far! Mainly doing freelance/remote work so I am able to space out my time while balancing between earning an income and spending time on myself and my son :)

5y ago

It does sound nice, but I'm not earning much at all - currently having 3 jobs, 2 of which are regular while the other is adhoc. I earn a total of $1.5K from my 2 regular jobs now, time = money so I don't have much at all - every month $800 goes to bills and expenses, whatever's left goes to savings.

When I'm working Mom, I dream of being SAHM. Now that I'm SAHM, I'm thinking of look for a job next year...haiz... grass always seem greener on e other side!!!

50/50. i want to be a sahm to be there for my kids, time won't wait. once you miss it too bad. yet i want to work cause i want to have income and don't wanna be left behind.

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Preferred to be a sahm so i can fully concentrate on the baby, whereas if being a working mum i had to juggle both work and baby which i cant commit unless i have a maid 🤣

Def a working mum. Prefer to have my own income where I don't have to depend on my husband for money. And with my own income, I can buy what I want personally.

I’m a SAHWM TO BE. Stay at home working mum to be. Couldn’t feel happier than this! I’m Glad i started this journey before even planning to get pregnant.

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Working mother would be better. SAHM if only I got a lot a lot of money that I don't needed worry about financial. Then I can focus on kids.

I want to be a working mum as this makes me improvise on multi-managing and also I think it will help in becoming a better human being

im a working mom bt I want to work from home. However my sector does not allow me to so I rather be a SAHM till my baby is bigger.