when do your LO starts having puree/smashed food?

Just wanna ask when do your LO starts having puree/smashed food? How to know whether it's safe to start ?

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I tried puree when LO was 4.5 months. Technically its safer to start upon approval by your pd/polyclinic issues advisory on weaning at 5 months but my LO could sit up assisted and was showing too much interest in our food, she smacks her lips and salivate when she sees us eating so we decided to try her. Made her avocado blended with freshly expressed breastmilk for a start - we blended till it's pretty runny and observed if she could swallow properly when feeding. It went well so we proceeded to thicken the blend and introduce other new fruits!

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2y ago

Cool thanks for sharing! 💖Will try out using own bm. How long can it last if kept in freezer? Or fridge?