Any Visayan moms here? What's the best way to ensure your child grows up to be fluent in both Cebuano and Filipino? :)

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We teach Chinese on top of Cebuano to our children. We incorporate it to our daily conversation but I believe it has to be consistent. In our case, I speak Fookien (Chinese) to them, My husband speaks Cebuano, My mom handles Mandarin and later on the school takes care of the English part. We try to practice the 4 planes of a child's development by Maria Montessori believing that the first stage, from age 0-6, is the Absorbent mind. At this stage, the child's mind is like a sponge. He absorbs anything your teach them. Later on, they would learn language order. In our household, my child knows that when she talks to me, she speaks to me in Fookien and I don't mind it being jumbled up as long as the point is there.

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Start by incorporating the dialect in everyday conversations as much as possible. And then little by little ask her questions in the dialect. Sooner or later she will comprehend it and then speak it. Consistency is key.