My mum keeps making bird nest. Is there a limit to how much a pregnant mum in her 2nd trimester can drink?

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Just tell her when you donโ€™t need it.

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Perhaps in moderation ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Moderately ? How many time a week?

I take BN once a week from 2nd trimester onwards.

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Too much of anything is not good. Everything should be taken in moderation. Bird's nest has carbohydrates, protein, iron and fibre and excess will be passed out as waste.

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Birdโ€™s nest is safe but try not to consume too much. Everything in moderation.

we asked the person in the stall, for second trimester, able to drink once every 2 weeks. too much will cause eczema in baby after birth( not sure if it's true).