Will u let ur hubby go overseas when u w36 pregnant

Will u let ur hubby go overseas (for a few days conference) when u will be w36 pregnant?

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Yes.. coz his job requires him to travel a lot and he only has one week leave left during that year. So he only applied the one week leave very close to the EDD. I talked to my bb everyday and let her know the dates hat her Papa will be around. I was alone most of the time at home during my pregnancy. Hubby and Gynae did prepared me what to do in case my bb decided to come out earlier. Bb came out full term 40w1d. :)

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I'd ask him to see if he can send anyone in his place, but if not and as it is a work-related trip for a conference (and thus cannot be fulfilled by just call or Skype) then yes, of course.

If it is an important conference I won't stop him but if given a choice I will not allow as I maybe due anytime from then.

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If i have no choice then yes. But need to make sure everything is prepared for my delivery ^ ^

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depends on how long, if few days then should be fine, if more than a week, I don't think so

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My limit set at 37 weeks cus there’s more possibilities of delivering :p

I did allow him when I was 36 weeks pregnant because his job requires him to travel

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Yes, cause no choice. Probably will hope baby not to come out so quickly 😅

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Preferably not but depend if it’s work required, then I will understand