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If Parent in law wan to bring ur 2M bb go out shopping w/o ur presence.. do u let them be? Evrytime they follow me n my hub go out they will "snatch" my bb stroller. Today they even suggest to bring the bb out w/o us..

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Regardless how close the relationship with parents in law or even my parents/siblings, I wouldn allow them to bring out my 2 mths old baby. It is too young to bring out. It is just troublesome if I am still breastfeeding. But I always believe their intention is good, either they love their grandchild love to have more bonding or they just want you to have a break.

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I won't agree but I guess it's just very normal they always want to take it as theirs

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I’m okay if they want to take my baby out without me. But I guess it depends on the relationship you have with them? I have quite a good relationship with mine. And everytime we go out with them with baby, my father in law is always the one carrying him or pushing him on the stroller and I’m fine with it. He really adores my baby, and will spoil him

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I'm okay with it, since that means I get some me time with my husband. But not everyday and depends on how they handle the baby. I would try to see how they interact with the baby first become deciding. But I have awesome inlaws so definitely!!!

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absolutely not.

Nope. Not going to happen.

You may want to share your view to your husband and let him tell his parents try not to bring your baby out during this pandemic period. If they insist, you may allow them to bring baby to the park only. Perhaps they just want you to have a break.

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1mo ago

in this case, tell him to tell his parents no for the time being since pandemic though their intention is good. Reason why he should tell instead of you is to avoid sour the relationship and it will be worst he has to stuck in between.

I have trust issues so I wouldn’t allow. My babygirl is exclusively breastfed, hence they wouldn’t want to bring my baby out without me. 2 months is still very young, you wouldn’t know how they’ll care for your baby outside especially during this pandemic. Maybe they want to give you a break so you can rest but best not to let them at this time. Talk to your husband that you’re uncomfortable with it too and hopefully he sees the same way you do :)

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1mo ago

my hub got diff opinions which i strongly disagree, he said he is ok if his parent wan to bring bb out..

since it's ur baby it is ur responsible to protect ur baby. be brave to voice out. besides it's not safe to bring out baby at this pandemic moment