Is it true first trimester cannot eat watermelon or pineapple ? As old people always say such fruit is too cooling and will make pregnant woman miscarriage .

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Elderly will tell you its too cooling which may result to miscarriage. Does anyone recall that during school, those gals who always eat pineapple are being identified as "lost virginity, scared pregnant thats why keep eating" 😂

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Gynae will tell u its ok.. But i tink depends on ur own body. Depends if ur body belongs to "cool" or "warm" in tcm. Mine is cool so i avoided during 1st trimester.

No idea but I still eat watermelon as I've crave for it though not like in big quantities.. as for pineapple my Gynae did mention not to eat it though

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not true. moderation is key! i took pineapple and watermelon during first trimester! about half a cup of each will do