Durian's, local fruits!

Is it okay to eat durian for pregnant women? My husband is Sabahan people. Durian? some of local fruits in Sabah that's famous and one of Sabahan favourite fruit's! Even tho it smells but it tastes good! So can or not? My mother-in-law said, the pregnant woman can eat durian's but cannot eat too much. I'm confused cause it's too really yummy.

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I have 3 children age 19, 11 & 6 I have eaten durian throughout( not every day but quite often) my 3 pregnancies as my hubby is a durian lover. After I delivered, there was a time when I don't feel like eating durian. Now all my 3 children don't like durian My babies were 3.34kg, 3.36kg & 3.5kg at birth

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Yummy, I craved for durians too when I had my boy, but OK to eat in moderation (if no other health issues like diabetes) enjoy :)

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Should be ok if you are healthy! Durians are high in sugar though, so if you have GD, you might want to avoid eating durians.

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It’s ok to eat in moderation. Do watch out for the high sugar level especially if you have gestational diabetes.

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Yes in moderation. I had it too during my pregnancy. But will need to avoid it if u have gestational diabetes.

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Eat with care 😂 but I heard eat already baby have more hair when born so I eat at my last trimester 😄

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I ate since my second tri cos I felt that baby was on the small side and wanted to help beef him up. :D

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i would say must control. durian are high in sugar though good for baby growth. everything in moderate

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eat normal. cos durian sugar level v high. for me, I avoid eating as I had GT when pregnant.

Ok to eat in moderation. But must avoid it if u have gestational diabetes.