Can a person be prone to miscarriage? I know a mother who had 3. Afraid I'll get one. I'm 4 weeks pregnant. Are there any risk factors?

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I disagree that miscarriages happen for a meaning. It's was just not a viable pregnancy and that's it I had 3 before my rainbow baby. 25% of pregnancies never make it. Every preganancy is an individual unique case unless there is really a health kind of issue w the parents then MAYBE it can cause multiple miscarriages Too many things modern medicine hasn't figured out. Just enjoy ur pregnancy and don't read and think abt this kind of stuff

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This is a complicated subject regarding risk factors. Actually, I did a search and found many pregnant women didn’t display risk factors prior to their miscarriage and vice versa. Most importantly is that you Do what you can to stay healthy, happy and stress free. That’s the most important

It depends on individual's health actually. I had two miscarriages previously but now I'm alr into my 11 weeks and all is good so far. Don't worry and stress about it, if anything worry you then you can always rest in if you feel more comfortable that way

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It really depends on your body. Don't think of the negatives things. Focus on the positive. Miscarriages happen for a meaning. Sometimes it meant that the baby isn't well developed and all.

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Don’t stress on focus on problems in pregnancy. Stay healthy, eat well, focus on happy thoughts, have regular check ups and just enjoy your pregnancy.

It depends from person to person, stay healthy, relaxed and follow gynae instructions!

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Depends on individual. It's important to stay positive.