Cycling outdoor in your first trimester?

Hi there, I'm currently 5 weeks pregnant and had 3 prior miscarriage since 2020. Currently I need to cycle 4km to-and-fro for work, so wanted to know if anybody did the same and had a safe pregnancy? #advicepls

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I did leisure cycling in first and early second trimester just for fun. It became abit uncomfortable in 2nd trimester and I didn’t enjoy it anymore and stopped. However, for you, given the 3 prior miscarriages and I assume cycling to and fro for work will mean that you’ll be doing it almost daily, my advice is to stay on the safer side and avoid cycling throughout your pregancy. You might be a very safe cyclist but I guess we can’t say the same for other road users. The risk is too high, I hope you find other alternatives to travel to work.

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You’re welcome! I am currently at 36 weeks, waiting to pop 😬 I felt super tired in first trimester and slept whenever I got the chance, I was still pretty active then due to work and walked quite a lot. Second trimester, felt like I got my energy back. Tried to walk at least 2km a day at first because I am very conscious abt maintaining my weight but I started to have lower back pain and can’t really walk for too long… You can try walking laps in a swimming pool. It really works up your energy and doesn’t cause much pain for me… I’ve not been very active in third trimester because it’s really exhausting but I try to take short walks here and there and do some light stretching. At this point I’m just really tired even if I don’t do anything hahaha 😝 Hope you have a safe and smooth pregnancy ❤️

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to be safe po better if stop po mo muna yung cycling/biking nyo to from work...di po kasi same magbuntis lahat, merong maselan, meron din kaya vigorous activities...ask your OB too mommy for professional advices para kumapit c baby this time. Like my experience nakapampakapit aq sa 2nd pregnancy q dahil nakunan din aq sa 1st baby q

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I think it's better to avoid for a safe pregnancy. I used to cycle before getting pregnant but stopped to ensure everything was alright. is there any other ways of travelling to work? don't risk it since you had 3 prior miscarriage before.

the physical activity of cycling is okay if you're pretty used to it prior to pregnancy but I would avoid it now just to be extra careful esp in the first trimester because it can be more accident prone.

hi, my doc says no to all forms of exersion exercise.. cycling cos risk of falling.. 5 weeks pregnant (still in first trimester) + 3 prior miscarriages = pls take great care

I did rollerblading till 7 months pregnant but it’s cos I do it professionally! Honestly, don’t recommend any tough physical activity so daily walks is fine!

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sa 1st trimester din ng pregnancy natin mas pinakaiingatan ang baby lalo na pag may mga factors like age, physically weak tayo mommy or may heart problems etc

avoiding it during the first trimester is a good idea. After that just listen to what your Gynaecologist, he knows what's best after looking at your scans

better to avoid cycle. but best to consult doctor before proceeding any form of exercise