Any mummies eat cough medication when you are pregnant and down with coughing? Im scare to take because i scare may affect the unborn..

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Id suggest for you not to take any medication without prescription as you are pregnant. It is best to seek medical advise from a professional. Though generally for mild illnesses its okay, still better not to take the risk.

8y ago

Im saying when you see a doctor and doctor prescribe you medicine and its safe for pregnancy..

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I always ask if the medication is safe for pregnancy/breastfeeding. if the cough is not too bad I will avoid medication. you may wanna boil a pear and drink the liquid,helps in cough, warm honey lemon is good too.

5y ago

Ok ty!

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if doctor prescribed after you informed, it means its safe. but i try not to. i use natural remedies instead. depending on ur cough type. cooling or heaty

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If you've seen a doctor and informed him/her that you are pregnant, and checked that the medication is suitable for pregnant mothers then it's fine :)

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Yes i did. I take procodine prescribe by my gynae. And my baby is fine


How about trying Hot lemon honey

8y ago

Does it help?