Reduce coughing in infant

Hi Mummies, I have a 8 mth bb and recently he is down with cough. He has phlegm too. Ue has seen a doctor and is under medication. May i know what other remedy do you have to reduce the cough? Thank you.

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not sure about honey as most people told me not to give before 1 yrs old, what I do is we give 1. boil apple with garlic and onion and mash them, I give him every morning when he had phlegm and stop after 1 week 2. buy those tonic soup the reduce phlegm and stop cough one, my son like the ZTP one.. so we boil that with pear and he can drink the soup and eat the pear as snack..

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What i do is give warm water 60ml with a tiny drop of honey. I only give after every feed. doesnt need to finish all 60ml in one day. my baby will take 5ml after every feed. take 1 day break and start again day after. after 6th day she stopped coughing and no more phlegm.