I already start to worried about having a baby. I am about to labour, I am staying with my own family. I just worry that my husband and my family members will have conflicts.. I don't know will it happen, but I just start to worry about it ..

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Like what the others said, worrying won't help because u are guessing - "worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives u something to do but gets u no where" - came across this quote today. As long as there are humans, there will be conflict. Everyone will be trying their best and may insist on theirs being the best and everyone have different standards. Conflict is inevitable whether u guys are staying together or staying separate or whatever. Just know that confinement will be challenging because everyone will be trying to tell u n baby what is best for u all, u will be tired, u will need to care for baby etc etc. so the best thing u can do now is just know some basic stuff that u not compromising, and then the rest just compromise and work things out altogether. No need to worry, when it come it comes. It may not come or even come little too

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Hey, I would like to remind you the fact which you have forgotten in this whole humdrum about families that this is the best phase of your life. You are about to bring a new life into your world with whom you will have a lifelong bond. Now when the time has come when you can physically touch him, feel him, I do not think you should let any frivolous thought spoil this. Please do not think about anything in the world but about yourself and the baby. If you will be tensed and stressed, you are yourself making your delivery difficult. Let the baby have a smooth coming into this world. Your stress will affect your delivery. So, I suggest let everything take a backseat and just be happy about what is coming.

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Hi pls don't think too much and just let nature take its path. I can assure you that in any family there is always conflicts even between siblings or between parents and kids, let alone your husband who has not lived together with your family before. For the sake of baby you should tell your husband and yourself to tolerate and compromise as much as possible. I am sure your family is there to help you . Tempers will rise when people are busy, tired, hot and have different ways of Doing things. At the end of the day you all are family. I am sure your family loves you, husband and baby even though there will be conflicts. Stay positive ok!

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Don't worry. Worrying won't help. If they will get into conflict they will even with u worrying. In fact when u start worrying, u may cause conflicts too. Since they may be blaming each other for causing u to get worried

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