Hi mummy, i am pregnant with No2, however the size of no 2 is way too small at week 7 as compared to no1 at week 7 too, like 1/4 of the size of no1 only. Gynae also said baby is too small, need to wait for 2 weeks later to check again. Feeling worried. :( Any advise?

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I would say not to worry too much about it, i had the same issue. Infact baby was too small at that point in time. However during the next check up babies weight shot up. Meanwhile i guess you should moniter your food intake. Keep your rountine light and simple as well. Take care mummy, i know how worrying it must be for you. We are all here :)

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Hi mummy, like what Ling shared, try not to be too worried. Fetus can grow substantially in a matter of weeks. Stay positive, eat well, rest and stay active. Take care! *big hugs*

Stay strong and positive. Eat well and rest well. It is going to be ok.

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If too small, probably doctor gonna prescribe aspirin?

Hi I'm 7weeks and I'm very big do I have to worry

It's no5

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