7 weeks and brown thin watery discharge, worried 1st time mom

Hi Moms, Im 7 weeks 4 days 1st time mom and had a day of brown watery discharge. Supposedly to have a gynae appt this week. However due to the brown discharge and slight sharp pain, i went to KKH A&E and they did scan. Doct mentioned mine is an “uncertain pregnancy” as they were not able to really see the baby altho there is a pregnancy sact and “egg”. Doct also mentioned there was some kind of “blockage” in the the scan image which she cant explain. The doct seemed young and her name wasn’t in the KK gynae list. She advised to return 2 weeks later or reschedule my gynae appt a week later. My gynae which i had made appt with is at Parkway East. Im worried, 1) should i seek 2nd opinion or wait? 2) should i continue my check up in Kk or go Parkway directly?

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Hello mama! Did you seek 2nd opinion next day? hopefully everything is ok. if I were in your shoes, I will seek 2nd opinion ASAP or next day as I wont be able to sleep with such uncertain answers. I had similar experience at 1st trimester, maybe about week 8. The A&E in KK I met is young, maybe about 30. The way she talked is super direct and not emphatic. Well, she made vagina scan and saw baby is still there with heart beat. but she said if baby is not fated, she cant help to push back. It is true but kind of 'heartpain' to hear at the moment. We conceived after 1 year weekly TCM. My case is vagina scan until week 10 .

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Seek for second opinion