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Hi mummies, Is it normal for the tummy to be smaller in the morning? I realise that the tummy only gets bigger in the evenings.. Or is it because of bloatedness? Worried that my tummy is too small. I'm already at week 24 #firstbaby #advicepls

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Same here. I always thought its just me when I just woke up in morning tummy is small but throughout the day it'll grow bigger. Lol. Tummy size doesn't matter as long as your baby weight is OK. You can check with gynae next visit.

It’s normal for stomach to appear smaller in the morning coz your stomach has got no food.. it gets bigger throughout the day as you fill your stomach with breakfast, lunch and dinner..

I’m 28 weeks now but I look like a 20 weeks pregnant.. as long u and baby are eating well and within e range is okay.. Do check with your gynae on baby percentile

Tummy size doesnt really matter. I tink its more of the baby's weight is ok then ok!

Sometimes i wake up "not pregnant" then I'll be pregnant by after lunch! 😂

It is actually normal i would say because it happen to me when i am pregnant

Same here!! 🤔