CRL too small and no heartbeat at 7+w means miscarriage?

I went for a checkup at 7w6d, had an abdominal ultrasound and the doctor says the crl is too small for this gestational age, it’s only the size of a 6w+, plus he could not detect a heartbeat. He concluded this as a miscarriage and offered options to expel the tissues out or to wait for natural expulsion. we decided to take the natural route and also wait for another 10 days for another check, hoping for a miracle. Anyone has similar experience but the pregnancy still went on fine? #advicepls

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Yup mine happened last yr. I've already booked an appt so while waiting, I started to bleed. Went once to NUH and did a vaginal scan. Gestational sac seen but no fetal pole. Was told to come back in 2 wks to check again. But I bled for 2 wks so in between that I went to NUH again. Same answer and gestational sac showed that it's about 5w + when I should be around 6-7wks & I was prescribed with Duphaston. They made an appt for me at the fetal care ctr a week later if I can remember it right. Before that, I seeked a 2nd opinion & went to KKH. Same answer like NUH & again I was given Duphaston. Went to the fetal care ctr and it was confirmed that my pregnancy didn't make it. They couldn't see anything except debris. I opted for D&C but the day before the surgery, I had a terrible contractions and went to pee. My gestational sac came out in the toilet bowl 😭

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Experienced with my second pregnancy. The doctor told me that there's no heartbeat and I cried. I have no morning sickness too, it makes me more sad because I thought "Ok... so the doctor was right." But I am currently in week 35 now 😊

2y ago

your second pregnancy is now 35 weeks?