Pls I need all mummies who has used epidural to tell me the truth if after administering:- Q1) Will the labour or contraction pains become totally pain-free or minimum pain is involved? Q2) And how many epidurals can a patient ask for? Any minimum or maximum dosage can be used? Q3) How long does this epidural effect last? Until full delivery is over? Q4) Is administering of epidural injection painful too? Q5) Does this epidural help the dilation and vaginal tear pain-free too? Since young my pain threshold is extremely low. Now I am finally pregnant I am supposed to be happy but I am very sad, often cry because I am afraid of the labour or contractions pain. This is no good and not healthy for me and baby. I am only 3 mths+ pregnant but I swear really everyday, every single second I have been tormented by these labour pains until I cannot sleep at all in the night. I forced myself to sleep at 12am plus but I kept waking up every time naturally at 2am and stay awake till morning thinking of the pains! If I am so scared, should I do C-sect with epidural or normal delivery with epidural? Even while fully awake during day or night I also kept thinking of the scary labour pains. Nothing I do lessen my fears and worries. When I eat, shower, watch tv etc, these fears just followed me back at my mind. I just cannot shake them away. I think i need to see a psychiatrist for help now. I shared my serious concerns to my spouse but he told me don't be afraid only. I know he is very supportive but it doesn't help me at all. I really need desperate help from you mummies!

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And most heartening is you can finally see your baby :)

After epidural, I remembered no more contractions pain and I didn't even know the doc has stitched and finished stitching.

I had epidural for both pregnancies as well. I'm terribly scared of pins and any sort of needles. In fact doctors, clinics and hospitals scares me dead. If you truly worry about pain, take it. It's not as bad as what we read. I'm so scared so each time I'll say, no I'm not taking. Till the pain is so unbearable I give in. Tool eat epidural. And everything got better. Felt numb, can sleep also a hahaha. After it starts wearing off you may get some ache in the back.. But it does not last long. So chill out dear.

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hi, i had it for both pregnancies - normal delivery. During administration, it's abit uncomfortable but just think about the after effect where u will have lesser pain. my threshold for pain was so low that my gynae could not successfully break my waterbag before epidural. but i do noticed a difference when i had my first child 4yrs ago and second one this yr. back then, i had no idea i was contracting and i had 3+ bottles for 16 hrs labour. all i feel was only baby gushing out. this time, i only use 1 bottle for 4 hrs + i think they administer lesser dosage too cus i can feel abit of pain during contraction but i can tahan like 15mins before nudging my husband to inform the nurse. so i would say, dun worry abt the pain if u have decided to go for epidural. it will be a wonderful experience & just work towards pushing the baby out. all the best ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Hello there. Firstly, you need to calm your nerves and calm down. It is indeed not good for you to worry about such things when you need to be resting well and taking gd care instead worrying and losing sleep. I have a super low threshold for pain. Q1) I will be honest. My initial dosage seemed low. I felt the contraction pains (to me it was like severe menstrual cramping..) Then I buzzed for the nurse to up the dosage. Then the pain lessened. However, with the increased dosage, I had severe side effects. I threw up so badly for abt 6 times in total. I also shivered uncontrollably. 2) You are injected only once as explained above by the mommy. They have a tiny tube linked to increase or decrease dosage. 3) Mine lasted from 1.30am till abt 8am. I delivered ard 5.30am 4) No. Just tingling sensation, ticklish in my opinion 5) I was being induced (a medicine inserted to speed up dilation). the speeding up of dilation made contractions more painful. I buzzed nurse to increase dosage. by then my legs were numb and slumped. completely couldn't feel them! I didn't feel any 'natural' vaginal tear as my gynae prepared me for episiotomy. When gynae arrived, i gave 2 sets of 3 pushes and baby was delivered. I didn't feel any pain by then at all..I didn't even know that my push was that strong enough that the baby was out that quickly. Yes the epidural did numb everything from lower half. cutting and stitching did not hurt at all and I didn't feel anything at all. My gynae did a very good job. Fyi, when my elder sis described labour pain and what episiotomy was...I went weak in the knees and felt like fainting (that was before I was expecting). But when the time came for me, I was much stronger than expected...likely because the baby in me gave me strength and courage. Post delivery, nurse gave me painkillers to take after epidural effect wore off. But I could manage and did not pop any painkillers. After I delivered, I still threw up because of my high dosage of epidural. They didnt pass me my baby for the supposed skin-to-skin bonding as soon as she was born but instead gave me the little basin to puke... they were afraid I would puke on my newborn. I think you should go for maternity tour and parentcraft sessions to learn more..They will topics like massage and exercises to help w labour pain and how to push/prepare for delivery. If you feel strong enough, try to walk more. I walked a lot and took the stairs instead of escalator and I think that helped with the quick delivery. mommy-to-be, to be super honest, everyone has different thresholds... some people can tahan the pain without any epidural.. whilst I know I couldnt, i opted for epidural. Suggest u read up abt the side effects and tell urself labour pain is like severe menstrual cramps. And then u decide what to opt for. Remember, no two persons are the same. And if I get pregnant again, I will still opt for normal delivery with epidural.. unlike my sis who went for both natural without epidural.. Ur spouse can give u mental and moral support in the delivery suite. he can also give you massages to help u cope w any discomfort. Dont go crazy thinking abt this. The pain is more manageable than u imagine. Go keep yourself occupied with other stuff so that you dont keep focusing on this fear. It really is manageable. Glad to address anymore questions u might have.

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3mo ago

Hi, can I ask.. how painful it is to get the epidural injected into our body?

For me. I don't really agree using epidural. Because is not good for us. I didn't use epidural. Was in a big pain at 3.30am and take the thigh jab. Stop pain till 5.30am. The big pain came back again. I keep using the laughing gas. It's work for me. Just don't take out. When pain Kee breathe it. And my little boy can come out at 7.45am. Give birth at 8am

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I truly understand how u feel. My threshold for pain is very low. There was once my teacher told us about labour and i nearly passed out thinking of the pain. After injecting, i felt that I made the right choice and I told my hubby I can jump around. My personal experience is that when jab, i felt a tingling sensation. When nearing the 'pushing' moment, the nurse lower the dosage so that i can feel my legs and use more energy to push but u won't feel any pain. I was told to push n push to the extend I didn't know the baby came out till i feel my stomach flatten slightly. The epidural effect last me about 5 hours more after delivery. Mummy, don't think of the pain too much as epidural will be there to help u. Mother are the greatest in the world. When u are in the labour ward, all you hope is to have a smooth delivery and see your LO. All is worth it. Jia you!!!! Keep fighting!!

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How.mch is the cost of epidural?

1. The contraction pain stopped till baby's head was crowning. 2. Everytime I feel the pain is coming back, i press the button to release more dosage. once finised, they top up for you, just have to inform the nurse. 3. I go home pain-free as compared to when I did not have epidural. 4. It is painful when my contractions was not even painful to begin with for #2 labour. it is painless when I had strong painful contractions for #3 labour. 5. Not sure, I feel breaking the waterbag helps with dilation faster and vaginal tear is not as painful as when I did not have epidural for #1. plus stitching up is pain-free!

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Epidural can provide total pain relief though some women experience patches of numbness. The dosage can be adjusted according to your needs. It usually will slow down labour then you may require synthetic oxytocin to increase the strength of your contraction. While it is pain free for you, it has a long list of side effects and it increased the risk of baby in distress, like passing meconium. It means you may require a surgical birth. Sounds like you have a lot of fears. It is the fear of pain that creates more pain in labour while labour is not necessary painful. You can consider Fear Release sessions with Hypnotherapist or join HypnoBirthing childbirth classes to learn more about childbirth and deep relaxation. Taking prenatal yoga is great too. May I suggest you read this link on 13 Natural Pain Relief Options for Labour.

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Q1) yes it's totally pain free. Q2) it's 1 to sustain till delivery. Q3) I can't recall but what I remember was that when the pain comes i continued to press a button. Q4) not painful at all as they numb the area. Q5) dilation comes naturally not affecting dilation. Not sure about vaginal tear as mine was c section. Don't worry mummy everything will go smoothly. Do more walking. Stress will affect baby and mummy try to divert attention.

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When the epidural is in u won't feel the pain only when is effect is gone than u will feel the pain. But don't worry too much else u will feel Uneasy and stressed which will affect u and baby. Try to relax. If I were u don't watch the giving birth video which will make you more tense. Try to relax and enjoy motherhood. Once baby born u will feel very relieved.