Pls I need all mummies who has used epidural to tell me the truth if after administering:- Q1) Will the labour or contraction pains become totally pain-free or minimum pain is involved? Q2) And how many epidurals can a patient ask for? Any minimum or maximum dosage can be used? Q3) How long does this epidural effect last? Until full delivery is over? Q4) Is administering of epidural injection painful too? Q5) Does this epidural help the dilation and vaginal tear pain-free too? Since young my pain threshold is extremely low. Now I am finally pregnant I am supposed to be happy but I am very sad, often cry because I am afraid of the labour or contractions pain. This is no good and not healthy for me and baby. I am only 3 mths+ pregnant but I swear really everyday, every single second I have been tormented by these labour pains until I cannot sleep at all in the night. I forced myself to sleep at 12am plus but I kept waking up every time naturally at 2am and stay awake till morning thinking of the pains! If I am so scared, should I do C-sect with epidural or normal delivery with epidural? Even while fully awake during day or night I also kept thinking of the scary labour pains. Nothing I do lessen my fears and worries. When I eat, shower, watch tv etc, these fears just followed me back at my mind. I just cannot shake them away. I think i need to see a psychiatrist for help now. I shared my serious concerns to my spouse but he told me don't be afraid only. I know he is very supportive but it doesn't help me at all. I really need desperate help from you mummies!

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Epidural can provide total pain relief though some women experience patches of numbness. The dosage can be adjusted according to your needs. It usually will slow down labour then you may require synthetic oxytocin to increase the strength of your contraction. While it is pain free for you, it has a long list of side effects and it increased the risk of baby in distress, like passing meconium. It means you may require a surgical birth. Sounds like you have a lot of fears. It is the fear of pain that creates more pain in labour while labour is not necessary painful. You can consider Fear Release sessions with Hypnotherapist or join HypnoBirthing childbirth classes to learn more about childbirth and deep relaxation. Taking prenatal yoga is great too. May I suggest you read this link on 13 Natural Pain Relief Options for Labour.

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