breastfeeding woes

very envious seeing mothers who breastfeed well and have plenty of milk supply. I've done whatever I can to increase my milk supply (from eating right and taking fenugreek tablets, latching, pumping) but each time I pump, it's not even enough for one feed. so frustrating. it's been going on for 3 weeks since I delivered on 17 April. I gave up and end up feeding her formula. sigh!

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The important thing is not to be too stressed about it. Also the more you pump / direct latch, the more milk is produced. In fact I have heard many mummies say that in the first month they found direct latching more effective in boosting breast milk supply than pumping.

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i gave my baby formula from day 1, and slowly pumped regularly to get the supply up. it's still not a lot as of now at 6 months, but however much i have i will still feed him until i run out. just hang in there, don't give up on a bad day!

Don't give up Mummy! the more u latch the supply will increase. it takes a while and different from one mummy to another.