My two-year-old hasn't started walking yet, though he can stand up on his own and walk with support. My wife and I are worried about it. Should we go to a doctor or wait for some more time?

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Each child grows and learns differently. The milestone chart is a guideline for us to observe our LO's developmental stages. If your LO and stand stably and walk with support, then most probably he knows how to walk. Try giving him the pre-walker and let him walk with it on his own. You can also hold both his hands and walked him around with you standing. Or you can go down to his level with you squarting infront of him hilding both his hands and encourage him to walk towards you. Then you slowly let go 1 of your hand then when he is more confident let go both hands. Or even put the toy that he likes infront of him and encourage him to go and take it. Sometimes LO could be lazy or lack of confident, thus parents need to encourage and cheer him on. You may want to monitor for awhile first? If still worried, can go and consult doctor for advices=)

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