Hi , I'm getting anxious about my LO's walking development.. he will turn 15 months old on 15 Jan. He started crawling and cruising at 7-8 months old. Right now , he is able to walk with us holding his hands but so far I don't see him attempting to walk on his own yet. My elder one started walking at 11 months so I'm quite worried .. am I worrying for nothing? My mil kept asking me why he hasn't walk yet and kept saying that she wants to boil the frog soup for him.. haiz.. she said the frog soup will strengthen his legs.. sigh..

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I would say there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about. He might be 'lazy' and every kid is different. My #1 walked at 10mth, by 1yr old he was already running. #2 walked at 11mth and now my #3 is 13mth, same as yours now - walked with us holding him 1 hand but refuse to walk or even crawl to us when he wanted something.

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I also think give him a little more time. He is definitely able to walk just how soon. My gal going 13mths also don't dare to let go of our hand although she forgot once and walked happily on his own for a distance. They are just scared I think. They will start to walk when they are ready

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Don't worry about the walking part. since he is able to walk while holding your hands, soon he will be able to walk on his own. He just needs to courage to let go his hand. Def not the muscles issue so don't worry mummy! Give ur son a little time and faith!

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Nothing to worry about. It's totally okay! Please let your child grow at their own pace. Don't put expectations on them. We as parents always make that mistake.