Is it true tat when falling sick milk supply will drop? Recently down with fever, cough and flu. When expressing milk, i hardly touch 100ml...this is way too low compared to my average. Will this be temporarily only as i hope to supply bm to my twins till at least they turning 1yr old. Is there any ways to boost up my milk supply again??? Really worried ?

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yes, temporarily only. I got food poisoning few weeks back and my supply dropped by half. after recover, it took me about 1 weeks plus for my supply to come back. I drink oat milk magnolia to boost supply too.

5y ago

thks for sharing. will take note. 😊

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yes its temporary. Once you feel better, take some milk booster to bring up your supply.

5y ago

thks dear... cant wait to get well! 😄

yes temporary. it will come back once you have recovered. meanwhile take care of yourself.

5y ago

thks dear! now both my boys also little cough.. 😭

Hey Joyce, don't worry it's like that. i feel you. #lifeofamom.