Do you travel during pregnancy ? And where did you go ? Further away or and which week ?

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Bangkok in week 7, discussed with my gynae and she was OK with it, gave me some meds to standby since it was 1st trimester. Had to postpone my work trip to San Francisco however as everyone was concerned abt a 15h economy flight including my gynae. Planning take some short trips to Malaysia within my 2nd trimester, nothing over 3h flight I think that's probably my personal limit for now too. 😂 To each ur own I guess if u feel u are up for it.

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Yes! I traveled to indo on my 7th week, then headed to carins at my 18th week then Europe when I was 25 weeks in. I’m currently 29 weeks. And I’m heading to Korea 2 weeks later! Gynae said as long everything is fine then is safe to travel! Jus remember to wear compression stockings on the plane

I went Tokyo ard 4months preg. But too much walking during even just 5days made me seriously exhausted end of the trip. Though gynae said 2nd trimester should be safe for travelling, i'll suggest a more relaxing trip.

Went for babymoon to London and Paris when I was 13 weeks pregnant. Remember not to sleep too long in the plane, keep moving and wear compression socks. Deep vein thrombosis is a real thing!

Went Seoul and Jeju 5th to 6th month. Not a good idea. A lot of walking required and you get tired really easily. Either do less places or change the destination to a beach holiday.

Went to Taiwan in my 1st trimester right before my morning sickness started. Then went to Jeju for my pre wedding photos when I was 4+ months pregnant and ms tailing down hehe

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You cannot travel if you are 36weeks or more if I’m not wrong. In fact, some airlines do not let you board after 32 weeks. I went to Bali on my 6mths preg.

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I travelled for vacays during first 2 trimester. Stopped traveling when I reached 3rd trimester. Felt ‘big, bulky and difficult’ to move around 😝

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Went to Genting during first trimester. Didn’t really get to enjoy as I feel exhausted the whole time. Just stayed in our room and rest.

Went riding on a bike at 7 wks, 1st trimester pregnancy to Desaru Malaysia. 2nd trimester to Krabi.🛩 Last trimester to Batam😂