Do you travel during pregnancy ? And where did you go ? Further away or and which week ?

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Went to Taiwan during the first trimester but it was bad cos I was having morning sickness so didn't really had a good appetite.

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Yes Korea when 25 weeks, KL when close to 30 weeks.

I went to US when I was 22 weeks pregnant. Took a straight flight 15 hours.

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Went to Genting during first trimester. Didn’t really get to enjoy as I feel exhausted the whole time. Just stayed in our room and rest.

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Yes i went to Melbourne during my 5th month.

Went to Taiwan in my 1st trimester right before my morning sickness started. Then went to Jeju for my pre wedding photos when I was 4+ months pregnant and ms tailing down hehe

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I travelled for vacays during first 2 trimester. Stopped traveling when I reached 3rd trimester. Felt ‘big, bulky and difficult’ to move around 😝

Yup! Just came back from 12days Europe trip at week9&6days now. 🤭

No din travel

Yes I do still travel to nearby country like Malaysia, Bangkok and Taiwan