Is it too early to send LO to childcare at 18 months ? He is currently 15 months old .. attempting to walk but not fully independent yet .. only able to say about 5 simple words .. mil said too early to send but I have nobody else to help me .. I need to resume back to work by April this year . Have already taken v long no pay leave ..

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For childcare the earlier they go into it the better as they adapt more easily when they are younger. The older they are the more they may resist the idea of going to childcare. However once they go in they may fall sick easily for the first six months at least as their bodies try to build up immunity

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They won't need to talk , but would need to walk I think. Have heard babies staying back in ifc cos can't walk. But 3 mths should be sufficient since he's starting now ? If I had a choice I'd put my lo in abt 3 yo. But if no choice just put in lor. Most likely can adapt.

No its not too early. It's good for your child to be in childcare of playgroup. There is everything need there for them. You don't want to keep them at home unless you are able to provide stimulation. Going to school helps them in many ways.