Toddler never have food for 8 hours

Hi My toddler of 18 month starts preschool today and he is on half day. The teacher told me he refuse to eat breakfast and lunch. So he didn’t take any food except water. Will there be any side effects? I am so worried as his last feed was milk at 5.30am. And he never have any food for 8 hours. When he came home his stomach was so bloated because of the gastric wind. I don’t know why the school doesn’t attempt to feed him a few spoonful of food despite him fussing and doesn’t want to take off his face mask. Or issit because I didn’t told them he still couldn’t eat fully on his own self and therefore they assume he knows how to eat on his own but he refuse? I am a first time mom so I don’t know how does it works in preschool for toddler group.

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Super Mum

Hugs. It’s quite normal behavior for first few weeks in school. Slowly he will adjust and accept. Just a few skip meals won’t affect his growth. Teachers don’t want to force cause that would traumatise him and make him hate school / teacher. Talk to the teachers, they would usually be able to persuade him to willingly adjust in time. Also when he see his classmates happily eating, etc he will FOMO also

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it's very normal for them to reject food from sch. my son cried throughout the half day and refuse to eat for almost a month. I packed some tidbits that he likes for him to self soothe n munch in sch so he won't be totally empty stomach. you can see if your kid's school allows.