Trouble feeding

My 8mo baby doesn’t finish his food. (1tbspn cereal) Sometimes he eat a few spoons and refuse to eat. I feed him twice a day -Morn & Evening) Is it ok to eat so little?

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As long as drinking milk normally it fine maybe he doesnt like what hes eating try changing to something else....? homemade some baby food?

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Yes don’t worry. Keep trying n feed different kind of foods:) Don’t give up. I had a hard time feeding my lo back then. Fussy period.

Hi, As ling as the LO is drinking milk properly it is fine. Do try giving types of food which will develop interest in baby to try.

as long as he's still drinking well, should be fine. most of his nutrition should still be coming from milk at this age..:)


Mummy you can try diff kind of food. For me during lunch I give porridge or potatoes. I give cereal during evening.

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I think it's fine for now as long as he's drinking milk and growing well...(:

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hope he is drinking milk well