Any tips and advise for preparation before 1st day of pre-school? How to get my child mentally prepared? Should I accompany my child for a couple of days for an hour or so to observe the other children in the playgroup? And also she can get acquainted with the environment before the first day. Some childcare allow 1 full day where mummy can stay with child in the center but I m afraid the child may assume that the mum should be around all e time in the playgroup this might not be good to train her independence.

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My experience is, my girl went inside and start playing on her own, hence teacher suggest that i wait outside, as it's 1/2 day for her during the 1st day. She adapt well for 1st week. 1st day, 1/2 day. 2nd day, also 1/2 day. 3rd day, teacher try to let her nap, but she don't nap, hence i pick her home. 4th day, teacher manage to let her nap. Hence it's a successful week. It's work out well on 1st week. 2nd week onwards, cry after she reach school. Teacher took awhile to coax her and i have to sneak out. Till now, my gmil send her to school, she never cry, but i send she will cry.. But she do enjoy the school though, guess it's really depend on the kids itself. My friend have the same situation as me too, other people send the kid to school is ok, but not her.

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Haha ic. Thks for sharing :)