Can’t help but feel sad...

It started when a fellow mummy shared her problems with us. Her nanny has left and so she is going to send her child to full time CC (7-7 schedule). All along the child has been attending playgroup during the day because the mummy thinks socialising is good. But now that the nanny (stays with them like a helper) has left, the mummy then says she cannot manage the household so she must send the child away. But, this mummy is a sahm? I wonder if she knew her words unintentionally “hurt” some of us. A few mummies are struggling with work and have to send their children to full time CC and they always cry, feeling guilty not being able to spend enough time with their children. As for me, I left my 5 digit income to be sole caregiver of my children and manages entire household on my own. I can’t help but feel miserable for the rest of us in the group...

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Don’t feel too sad. Different mummies have different ways of coping. Some can’t bear to send their LO to cc but they don’t have a choice. Some chose to put their LO in cc so that they can have more me time. No right or wrong answer here