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i am a single mother. i have care & control. i have custody of my child. i live with my parents and siblings. Only my dad and i work , total income estimated $8000 for example. total no of ppl live in the house is 6 ppl including my dad, me, my child, mother and 2 siblings. i am planning to put my child in nursery 1 pcf childcare, may i know how much subsidies i can get. i just want to know half day price and full day price estimated. greatly appeciate if someone can help me on this advise before i make any decisions. thanks parents.

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My child’s PCF school fee is $535 before subsidy. After all subsidy we are paying about $170+. (Working mum + KiFAs) For non working Mum subsidy is $150. Btw I believe under this scheme you would be able to get an additional 20% of the scheme. Advice to also appeal to family services centre who can help write a letter so you can request for waiver off registration etc fee.

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3y ago

thanks for the info Mummy. Appeciate

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If youre a working mother, youll be able to get subsides straight away. But also gotta see your income all that. Than they will decide on the "pricing" again. I think if youre a single mum and the income not say alot can get even bigger subsides

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Hi... Prices for PCF Sparkletots kindergartens range from $496.60 to $850.50, depending on location.

3y ago

thanks mummy. Appeciate your inputs

Full day I am paying about $300