Baby choke in sleep

My three month old gave me a huge scare earlier. She choked on her saliva in her sleep, and all of a sudden her eyes were wide open, four limbs flailing struggling to breathe. Lucky I was still awake, I swoop her up immediately and pat her vigorously on the back until she coughed and fell back asleep. This is not the first time that it happened, but it is the first time I see her with her eyes wide open and struggling. This will probably haunt me for a long while. Have any mums experience this before?

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Super Mum

Hi J.S, If this is happening very frequently, it may be best to consult a doctor to be safe. In the mean time, you can try the following. 1. Sit baby upright for 30 minutes after milk. 2. Give smaller but more frequent feeds. Take care!

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10mo ago

Thank you for advice! But it happened quite a while after her feeding actually, like in the middle of the night out of nowhere halfway through her sleep.