Baby need to hug in order to sleep

Hi mommies, my 3 months old LO need to hug in order to fall aslp. The moment we place her back to cot, her eyes open wide awake 🥲. Super clingy. I am damn worry as she is going to ifc soon and i doubt teacher will hug her to sleep most of the time. What should i do to make her sleep in cot? #pleasehelp #advicepls

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our babies need us the most, we are everything to them, there's nothing wrong in babies needing us, just don't add more stress to yourself and give baby the most love u can give , these moments they go away very quick, we shld enjoy and cherish them while we can , enjoy motherhood , they need our love and attention more than anything else

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You can hug , make her drowsy but put to cot awake (drowsy but awake). This train her to learn to fall asleep herself. Ifc teacher do pat babies to slp. So this part not to worry