not on good term with father. Doesn't want to let him know I'm pregnant cause dont want to see him.

Thoughts/rants: Due to some family issues/problems, I'm don't really like my father. He calls and msg me sometimes but i dont reply unless necessary. I really don't wish to see him.. He doesn't knows i'm pregnant, i have also not told any of my cousins/relatives, i didnt post anything online either if not the news will somehow spread it to his ears. If he knows, he will visit me. After getting married early this year, i have shifted to my husband place and he doesn't know our exact address. That's also the last time i saw him. (My mom is not around anymore. Passed away when i was young. ) Sometimes i feel so tiring, like hiding something and can't live how i want to. But i feel irritated to see him, received his text or call. I really dunwan to feel this way but i just cant help it. Maybe i am unfilial but i feel he didn't exacty uphold his duty well as a father too. I dont know if what im doing is right or wrong. And what to do? Tell him i'm pregnant later or after i give birth or...... Completely cut ties with him. Haha. Sigh. #firstbaby #pregnancy #familyproblem I really dk where or who to talk to or ask. So.. Using this platform to release my stress abit.

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