Those of u whose babies have colic , does seeing a PD help? Or trial and error around till baby gets better?

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I brought mine to see PD. I went to see 2 different PDs.. The 1st one quite useless, just tell me is normal and prescribed me with ridwind. The 2nd PD is good. He prescribed ridwind and probiotics for baby. He also taught me different tactics on how to burp my baby. Up to you whether you want to bring baby to PD. In the end, I just keep massaging baby and do bicycle exercise for baby. One fine day, baby stop all the crying episodes and I know finally she is OK. Hang in there! It will end soon!

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3y ago

Hi can I know how did the crying last for you? We’re having the same thing with our baby and every evening and night is so painful for us to see him cry screaming ...

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Yes bring your baBy to see a pd first