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Those mummies that had go for C section. Do you all feel any pain when doctor inject for the epidural?

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I m very afraid of needles. So when I had my 1st epidural, I told one of the nurse to let me hold his hands. To nervous to notice anything.. 2nd time, I gave birth at gov hospital. The only discomfort is how they expect me to lie down n curl up on that tiny bed... I think overall is one will be too nervous to feel much. I m really really scare of needles.

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Doctor will firstly give a numbing injection. That's not pain. The epidural injections feels like deep dull aches instead of pain. I felt more uncomfortable as I have to lie sideways and curl into a ball. Doctor will keep asking you to keep still as he can administer the injections properly, causing less discomfort.

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Super Mum

1st born yes. Damn pain coz the anaesthetist (in house) lousy. 2nd born NO. I requested for good anaesthetist (Dr Yvonne Lim). Well paid for the money 馃憤


No not painful at all only feel ticklish when the needle go into your bone. Before they jab they actually jab another numbing jab first.

No pain during injection of epidural because I was on laughing gas For me it was emergency c-sec after epidural. Was on GA.

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Super Mum

For me it feels like a normal injection, just a little pinch and then afterwards can't feel anything 馃榿

Short sharp pain, then tingling in one leg... Draw blood and drip more painful actually....

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Actually after the epidural you cant feel anything at the bottom. No pain at all.

Yes!!!!!!! The feeling when they poke the needle into your spinal cord..... omg

I feel the pain is bearable. Just distract yourself by thinking of your baby.