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Dear Mommies, I am 34 weeks + pregnant and on my last gynae appointment my baby is still in a flex breech position. Also her head is bigger than her actual size at 37 weeks. My gynae advise me to book for a C-section. However I cannot decide whether to go for ​​Regional anesthesia (epidural) where I will be awake or go for General anesthesia where I will be asleep. I heard there are risks for epidural such as worse case is nerve damage. My gynae also informed me that if I opt for General anesthesia, when I am awake I am going to feel the pain, and normal oral pain killers won't help so it would be better to go for Regional anesthesia (epidural). Anybody have gone through C-Section and can share your experience? Thank you! #1stimemom

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Most doctors recommend local anaesthesia as it's much lower risk and it's a very quick operation. From the time they started operating on me until I held the baby was just 10 minutes. And of course I didn't feel anything just felt like my skin was being dragged 😅. The only unpleasant part was the shiver. Recovery wise I'm sure local anaesthesia is faster. I was walking around on day 3 (it was painful though and I had to walk slowly)

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I did a c sec as my placenta had issues. Opted for regional anesthesia. didn't feel any pain when the needle was injected. had pain killers for 10 days after the surgery. I guess key to recovery is to be active but dun strain yourself. I was walking well after 10 days