To those exclusively breastfeeding mommies whose period have yet to come... and then you conceived... how long did it take for you to realise that you are expecting another baby (given that you have not been did you know?) I have been exclusively breastfeeding my li and she just turned 1yo. I would like to try for number 2 soon as age is catching up. I thought I need to stop breastfeeding in order to start ovulating and menstruating (ie normal cycle to resume) and then ttc. But seems like there are many mommies out there who conceived whilst still breastfeeding? Can you enlighten me pls?

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I pregnant when my #1 12mo. Menses back when she 7 mo i drop pump cause she start solid. Well, i feel those conceived w tbf & menses nv bk yet are not very common, You may try for 3-6 mths, if not you can drop pump gradually see whether menses come back.

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you will feel the unusal pain in your nipple. that's what made me notice that i'm pregnant

oh dear, now I'm worried i have been ebf for the past year as well.

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time to go get tested!!

No Jorelle!!!!!! Arghh *pulls hair*