After I found out that I'm pregnant with my second child, my milk supply has dropped tremendously. I'm still in early in my first trimester. Mommies who have experience breastfeeding while pregnant, will you share some tips as to how you keep your supply up and how do you manage breastfeeding as your belly grow? Thanks so much!

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Hi, i am currently pregnant with no.3 and no.2 was still latching on until i was 5 months pregnant due to milk dried up totally. This is due to hormone changes in our body while pregnant. I experienced the same thing when I conceived with no.2 where my milk also dried up while nursing no.1. Some people will not experience this though and it's depend on individual. I managed to wean my son last month because I find it uncomfortable to latch on despite no milk flow. I suggest you can try to continue to latch and see how it goes. You may want to read up tandem breastfeeding in case need to latch both kids after the baby is here. For me i have no choice but to wean off due to milk dried up.

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You need to up your calorie intake as you're eating for 3 now! That's probably one of the ways. However milk supply dip during pregnancy is usually caused by a change in hormones and you may be comforted to know that only a minority of mums do not experience a decrease in milk supply. Your child may decide to self-wean when your milk production decreases accompanied by the change in taste of the milk due to increased colostrum in your milk also. Be prepared to make up for it by increasing solid intake. I believe it is still possible to nurse as per usual and just pay more attention to your back support.

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hi Sophie 🥰🥰 hope you in good condition right now ❤️❤️ sure u can bf your first one while you pregnant... positive minds really helps u a lot in handling the situation... believe that u can do take care of yourself...because you need to eat for u..first child and bb...❤️also u can read this article that might help u to relax yourself n bf both ❤️❤️💕💕

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As for the question on how to latch when belly is growing, side lying latching is very useful and relaxing while pregnant.