Is there a perfect age to get married?

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Sometimes our culture affects our decision in weighing certain aspects of our lives such as marriage. Age is only a number. I believe that there is no 'perfect age' nor 'perfect timing' when it comes to marriage. It takes one's mindset and level of maturity. Ask yourself if you are completely ready to commit yourself to someone else in this lifetime. You'll feel it if it is a hell yes.

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I think it's different for everyone. Some might feel like they're ready to settle at a very young age, while some needs to accomplish a lot of things so they'd rather get married late, but really, it all boils down to how ready are you to take the lifetime commitment.

As long as we are mature enough and ready to take responsibilities for our own decisions.. age is just a number... there are 20s but capable of their own, and there are on their 30s that still hasnt experience life and are fearful and dependent to their parents.

I guess there's none. However, it is ideal if both parties are responsible and mature to handle anything that married life may bring them. It is also good if both of them have stable jobs so they can provide for their future family.