Sore Throat & Dry Cough

Is there any natural remedies to relieve sore throat n dry cough?

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Rinse your mouth with warm water and salt 3 time per day to reduce sore throat plus drink honey and lemon and ginger 2 time per/day. I have cough for month, and I used all my home remedies but it doesn’t go away, I realised my stomach got acid reflux because baby goes bigger and pressure on my stomach. So I took gaviscon and other medicine doctor gave me. It’s go away right after I take medicine. Amazing !! Now I feel no cough and better now.

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Crush fresh ginger and squeeze out juice. I tsp. Mix with 1 tbs warm honey Works well. Or Also 1 Tbs warm honey with pinch of bleach pepper powder

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Take warm lemon water few times a day. It helps to alleviate the sore throat and dry cough.

Try honey with ginger and tinch of lemon in hot water and drink it

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Honey and strawberry! It works for my entire family 😂

Honey with lemon works well. Take vitamin c too.

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try warm honey lemon

Honey is good!

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Honey lemon

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Drink honey