Baby refuse to suck bottles

Hi there... My baby is 7months 4 days old, im having trouble as she doesn't wants to suck the bottle. I tried few times giving her breastmilk and also formula milk in bottle she refuse both....she always wanted direct feed.

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Hi dear. Maybe because bottle was never introduce to her or she forgotten about it. I guess she is still direct feeding yea? She doesnt know what bottle is dear. Slowly. Have to keep changing the bottle teat until she is comfortable. You can also try ask your husband to feed her with bottle, and you must not be there. Because if she sees you, she will want your breast. So let her be hungry and ask your husband to feed.

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hi mom. seems like your baby never introduced bottle as she only df before. u need to troubleshoot the problem. maybe nursing strike phase. if not necessary she don't needs to introduce bottle. baby already 7m. mom can focus on solid food. mom can reduce amount of milk session. calcium not only in milk but also in veges

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Hi. I had the same problem before. For me, the best way to do it is to get someone else to feed might also want to get a bottle that she feels most comfortable with. For me it was hegen. My effort to introduce her to bottle went for about 2w before fully succeeding.

also same with my daughter before I change my bottle so many time & formula Susu also than now ok,I change hegen bottle milk similac

I tot im the only one. Sometimes when my hubby feed her, my bb doesnt want also. But when she really hungry the she will drink😖

bole try pakai botol nanobebe, sesuai utk baby yang susah lepas dari direct feeding

same to me. luckily my baby 7mths n already eat n i dun afraid anymore if a bit late to bf her 😅

Same. I change comotomo. It work 🥰

same goes to me 😔

same to me..