Argh!!! My hair is Super falling. 3 months post partum. This is the amount of hair after one brush!! Pls help - I don't want to go bald

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Hair loss if normal after giving birth due to hormonal imbalances. What you can do is find a supplement that will help replenish the hair you've lost. In my case, after miscarriage I had a bad case of alopecia. But after drinking supplements. It helps me restore the hairs that I have loss. Biotion is the best. You can drink if even if you are breastfeeding. You can buy them at the Healthy Options branches. :)

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It's normal due to changes in our hormone levels after giving birth. Don't worry, most of it will come back before your child turns one. You can have a hair cut or style your hair so that the bald spots won't be too obvious. There are also shampoos that promise to boost hair growth. But there is no magic pill and you will definitely go through post partum hair loss. The best thing to do is just wait it out :-)

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It's perfectly normal. My hair fall badly after child birth too. I have read up many sources and there's no cause for alarm (and definitely don't have to waste money visiting doctors over this) I considered it as "pay back time" for my thick hair during pregnancy. If you are still feel uneasy, make a trip to your hairdresser and enjoy a short me-time!

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Yes, it's normal and inevitable. It's just simply hormonal. I lost a lot around the hairline, so that my hair looks very fine in the front, or as if I'm going bald. I was too overwhelmed by my baby that I've no time to visit the salon or do anything about it, but the hair that I've lost,grew back. Don't worry mommy, is just a temporary phase.

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Actually this is quite normal. I experienced this for all my 4 children after delivery 2 -3 mths later. This would last at least till 6-9mths. Nees to take lots of calcium and if possible multivitamins. It will reduce the amount of hair lost. I take lots of milk and hair ia back to normal after post 7 months.

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Don't worry new-mom, it is quite common post natal hormonal thing. It would be back to normal in next 6 months. Make sure you keep your hair moist and moisturise frequently - such as egg whites, yogurt and fenugreek seeds. Increase your iron intake such as almonds and tofu. Note to avoid intensive conditioning shampoos.

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If you have long hair and it's dropping a lot, time to cut short and regrow. Hair too long will lose the nutrients hence cut away a bit to keep your healthy. I don't really drop that much, as i cut before i give birth to lighten the burden of my hair. And my hair start growing now.

i think it is normal mommy. mine until now 6 mos. post partum my hair keeps dropping. i changed my shampoo and only put 1s a week of hair conditioner. Try to check from your OB for supplement which is good for you, and for your hair loss esp if you are still breastfeeding.

I had been dropping hair so often during and after birth that my stylist said there is little hole. Then was introduced to a shampoo where it help to grow the hair and at the same time also help reduce hair loss issue.

Agreed with others. It's the hormone. Will pass but you have to be patient. My hairfall started when baby about 3months old, and it went on for 3-4 months. Now baby is 8months old n my hair is back to normal.