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Do you take anti nausea medicine? Today I really cannot take it as I vomited everything I ate since morning. It made me so emotional as I’m also hungry at the same time. So I took a tablet of the med that doc prescribed. I wonder if there is any side effect to the baby....though google says no side effect to the baby development. Not sure how am I going to survive during working days....

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If it’s bad for you, the doctor wouldn’t have prescribed it to you. If it helps to ease the nausea, no harm taking it. I didn’t take mine cos I don’t find it effective... Hope things will get better for you soon...

Yes. Took it during my first trimester cause i will vomit 4-5 times everyday. But once i enter 2nd trimester, no more nausea n vomiting even without the medicine

yes i am still taking the anti-nausea medication till now. i cannot survive without it! cant wait for the nausea to go away tho.

3y ago

Yeah today is my first day taking the meds. So much least I can eat without throwing up afterwards. Much better. Hope that it will go away soon!! 💪🏼💪🏼 you take care too

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Ginger actually helped a lot with my nausea. I would just boil some ginger in hot water. Add some honey and drink.

Go natural. Have small meals thru out the day. This should help!

As long as is with Doc's prescription then is fine