Nausea 24/7

Hi Mummies! I'm 5weeks 6days pregnant. 1st time mummy to be here. I've been experiencing nausea almost 24/7 and am puking everything that I'm eating. Was given anti nausea med by my OBGYN but it wasn't as strong as I hope it was - I still puked 3 times today. Any home remedies to help alleviate the nausea? Thanks in advance!

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Take small meals, peppermint oil, ruyi oil, ginger tea, sleep, anti puke med everything combi...will still puke at times but better than not doing anything. I puke 4 times a day aft each meal during 1st preg. Now 2nd one, I kiasi so I insist to take anti puke med as I just hate puking. Good luck to u. I puke for 2 mths in my 1st preg. Now 2nd one already puking for 1 mths plus. Hope it ease soon.. if not super emo

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I'm already 14 weeks plus pregnant. Im also still having my morning and night sickness.. maybe you can try ricola sweet as its sugar free. Try not to take sour stuff maybe your gastric too acidic like mine. I vomited all the food and acid out. For me anti vomit medication is no use and I went to gp they gave me famotine a gastric medication it help abit.

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I was like that previously too! I didn’t dared to try any home remedy I saw online. But I took a lot of mint drops (candy) from NTUC.

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Hang in there, you should feel better in a couple of weeks time! In the meantime do take lighter meals take care!

Hey, Try hot ginger tea and lemon tea as well. Also, morning sickness will gradually get better with time

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Try hot ginger tea:)