Day 2 of no 🤮

Yay! I survived 1 & 3/4 day of not eating the anti-vomitting medicine. So far so good. Managed to eat rice during yesterday's dinner with some food. I'm aware of my body now, with the constant need to eat something every few hours so as not to be hungry.. No major merlion-ing, just occassional nausea if i'm hungry.. My tastebuds has yet to come back. But sweet stuff appeals to me. Otherwise it's bland bland stuff which also appeals. Another #achievementunlocked Continue to monitor.. At least i am happy compared to the 1st month! #1stimemom #justsharingmyprogress

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Congrats! I’m still dependent on the vomit meds. Although it’s getting better now. I crave both saltish and sweet. Lol.

12mo ago

now i can testify why the gynae didnt give me 1 month supply. coz she knows it will get better.... and she is so accurate