How To Minimise Stretch Marks??

Any suggestions to minimise stretch marks!!

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Tulis jawapan

i do apply everything to avoid this problem since 1st trimester n never ever skip a day. Vaseline, bio oil, olive oil, coconut oil.. and i do apply frequently... but end up I have strechtmarks too. 😂😂😂. Actually it depends on one's skin condition and it's elasticity. some didnt even have stretch marks on even on her 4th pregnancy. how lucky they r. huhuhu. mine was appeared on my 5 months pregnant.

Baca lagi

Every night, apply a bit of coconut oil to the tummy. It will help to minimise the stretch marks.

i use bio oil too! i find that it's more effective if you exfoliate regularly though..

Parmer's cocoa butter also good.

4y ago

I use this as well.. Now im in 29wks and thank God no stretch marks till now. 10 weeks to go hopefully it stays that way no marks

I use Bio-Oil :)